Stormwater Master Planning


Stormwater Master Planning

Stormwater master planning involves the development of a comprehensive plan for a region by its governing body to identify and define the key goals and regulations that must be implemented to protect the watershed against stormwater-related challenges.

The type of planning may vary based on the setting, the level of protection desired, and the amount of pre-existing information available for the watershed. Planning may be at a small or large scale, such as a County, Watershed, or City, or possibly smaller scale for a large development or campus.

The end result may be a watershed plan, an ordinance, a site design, or a stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation plan. Site assessment, mapping, plan writing, public/stakeholder meetings, and the drafting of legislation can all be part of the process to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements. Civil Engineers, planners, environmental consultants, and spatial analysts collaborate with government staff, and stakeholders/the public to affect the design and implementation for these plans.

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