Site Selection and Analysis


Site Selection and Analysis

GIS is an ideal tool for the complex task of selecting potential project locations. Our planners, engineers, and spatial analysts work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate criteria for the location analysis. These site selection searches can be very general or specific in nature.

Broad searches usually identify states, counties, or perhaps zip code clusters that are potentially suitable for the client's purpose.  More granular searches can then identify particular parcels or parcel clusters where appropriate.

Sometimes clients already have a piece of land in mind for development. In these cases, our GIS team will perform a site analysis, also known as a location analysis, which consists of creating a due diligence map package by overlaying wetland, population, land use, zoning, elevation, and many other types of pertinent information on the area of interest to determine how these factor in with the site's suitability. Our planners and engineers use these due diligence map packages to create full due diligence reports which provide specific recommendations, guidelines, and design caveats for the site in question, based on suitability, ease of development, and development costs.

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