Marketing Support Services


Marketing Support Services

While every sales office has a map on a cork-board denoting client locations, GIS opens up a new world of analytics, data visualization, and trend analysis that can be found nowhere else. Simply loading your client database into a properly designed GIS system can help your organization answer many questions, such as:

  • Where are my clients?
  • Which of my offices is nearest the areas of highest potential client density?
  • Why is sales team A not meeting the performance of sales team B; is it be cause of the demographic make-up of their territories?
  • What do the areas where we are having high levels of success have in common and how can I identify other areas with those same commonalities?

The intuitive power of maps reveals trends, patterns, and answers not easily detected in other data presentation formats. Our team of Spatial Analysts and Planners can work with your marketing or business intelligence teams develop the right criteria for the queries that will provide the answers that will help grow your business.

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