Branan Field Road Corridor Master Plan

Clay County, FL


Clay County Planning Department


Clay County, FL


23,600 Acres


Community Design & Regional Planning


Branan Field Road Corridor Master Plan

Branan Field Road Corridor Master Plan, Community Design & Regional Planning - lg_masplana.jpg

In response to the Department of Transportation's funding for construction of the existing Branan Field Road to a limited access facility with local service roads, Clay County determined that a Master Plan needed to be prepared for the surrounding 23,600 acre corridor that would address the additional needs brought on by construction of the road.

Genesis conducted an intensive community based master planning process that included ten public workshops/design charettes; a thorough technical analysis of land development forms, infrastructure, public facilities, environmental/natural resources, transportation and economics; proposed implementation strategy; and, proposed funding mechanisms.

Genesis ultimately prepared a Corridor Master Plan that allocated the 23,600 acres into ten sectors which will be developed in four phases over the course of 40 years. The Plan reflects the distribution and development phasing of future land uses for the corridor as well as the maximum allowable densities and intensities.