Capital Cascade Park Segment 2

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Capital Cascade Park Segment 2

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Capital Cascade Park has been recognized by Blueprint 2000 as the centerpiece of the Capital Cascade Trail greenway project. Forming a gentle bend in the southeast corner of Tallahassee’s downtown, Capital Cascade Park will ultimately provide significant stormwater management facilities that will abate the existing flooding problems along the St. Augustine Branch and provide a beautiful setting for a world class park.

The stormwater management facilities will include a series of organically shaped ponds connected by a restored stream bed landscaped with native and "Florida Friendly" riparian vegetation to protect the stream bank from erosion and create natural habitat. The stormwater facilities will provide both flood protection and treatment of urban runoff pollutants. A large underground culvert will divert the runoff generated by large storm events directly to the lower pond to protect the integrity of the restored stream bank and to minimize the impact to the park. Capital Cascade Park is being designed to flood during major storm events. This is necessary to provide the desired flood relief both upstream and downstream of the park.