Darien Zoning Code Update

Darien, GA


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Darien, GA


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Darien Zoning Code Update

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Genesis created the Planned Unit Development code for the City of Darien, Georgia. A PUD Zoning District was not previously in place before this project began. Genesis met with key stakeholders and community leaders to establish goals and restrictions for the PUD Zoning District. In addition to creating the PUD Zoning District, Genesis revised and updated the Commercial General, Single-family Residential, Multi-family Residential, and the Residential - Mixed Housing Zoning Districts.  The new PUD Zoning District and updates to the existing Zoning Districts were adopted by Darien City Council.

Some specific aspects of this project included:

  • Preparation of strike-through and underline zoning code documents for City Council packages
  • Building height analysis and building height exhibits
  • Residential density analysis and preparation of methodology for zoning code regulations.

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