Hurlburt Field/US 98

Okaloosa County, FL


FDOT District 3


Okaloosa County, FL


90,000 Acres


Transportation & Mobility


Hurlburt Field/US 98

Hurlburt Field/US 98, Transportation & Mobility - hurlburt_field2.jpg

This project required an intersection analysis for at-grade intersection improvements and an evaluation of the need for a grade separated interchange conducted for FDOT District 3 and Hurlburt Field (Eglin Air Force Base).

Data collection and operational analyses of various alternatives were conducted. The study was performed in late 2001 and early 2002 due to excessive vehicle queues/delays experienced along US 98, resulting from the 9/11 high level of security alert for the base. Several meetings were held with FDOT, FHWA and Hurlburt Field personnel to discuss the process and funding for all improvements including grade-separation.