Azalea City Trail

Valdosta, GA


City of Valdosta


Valdosta, GA


2.7 Miles


Parks & Recreation


Azalea City Trail

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This multi-use facility was constructed by the City of Valdosta to provide recreational opportunities for  residents and an alternative for commuters.  The 12 wide concrete pathway links the Valdosta State University campus with several City Parks, residential neighborhoods, elementary schools, student housing and commercial activity centers.  The facility stretches for 2.7 miles from the Craig Center, a City Park, to the Valotton Youth complex, a sports and recreation facility owned and operated by the City of Valdosta.

The facility incorporates specialized signage and signalization at major street crossings to ensure safety for pedestrians and cyclists.  A portion of the facility passes through residential neighborhoods along a City-owned easement.  Through these areas, specific focus was placed on ensuring privacy for adjacent homeowners while providing safety for users of the facility.  Additionally, attention was given to minimizing stormwater run-off from the facility onto private property.  At locations where the facility crossed existing waterways, pre-fabricated bridge structures were installed.

Azalea City Trail, Parks & Recreation - 050330011_azalea_playgrnd_2-CJM.jpg