Shane Watson wins First Place in Highland Games Weight Toss


Shane Watson wins First Place in Highland Games Weight Toss

Posted on 2006-03-03 by Angela Bennett

Shane Watson is a senior designer in the Genesis Tallahassee office and recently began competing in Highland Games competitions. He competes in the novice, (”C”) class.

The following are the awards he has won:

2/11/2006: Tallahassee Highland Games and Celtic Festival (Tallahassee, Florida)

1st Place - 56 lb. Weight Toss (10’)
3rd Place - 22 lb. Hammer Throw (49’-6”)

2/25/06: Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival (Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville, Florida)

2nd Place - 56 lb. Weight Toss (10’)
2nd Place - 22 lb. Hammer Throw (51’-4”)
2nd Place - Sheaf Toss (16’)

Next Competition - Panama City Highland Games - 3/11/06

Hammer Throw

56 Pound Weight Toss:
The objective of this strength event is to toss the 56# weight with an attached handle over a horizontal bar of variable height.

Hammer Throw:
The Scottish hammer, a round metal hammer head weighing 22 pounds with a cane shaft, is thrown for distance.

Sheaf Toss:
Using a three-tined pitchfork, the athletes hurl a 16-20 pound burlap bag stuffed with straw over a horizontal bar raised between two standards.

Sheaf Toss

Highland Games

The Scottish Highland Games (Heavy Events) are the modern continuation of an ancient Celtic tradition. Each event tests the athlete’s strength and skill. It may seem that the sport requires brute strength alone, but developing good technique is essential to succeeding in the games. Competitors are commonly known as "Highland Athletes" or "Heavy Athletes". Each athlete wears a kilt and Scottish hose. The novice class ("C") doesn't have to wear a kilt, but it is encouraged. Beginners are soon encouraged to move up to the intermediary ("B") class. Proficient athletes are moved up to the (“A") class.

56 Pound Weight Toss