Genesis and World Fiber Join Forces for Regional Transportation Project


Genesis and World Fiber Join Forces for Regional Transportation Project

Posted on 2012-01-30 by Michele Able

Genesis and World Fiber Technologies Join Forces to Design a Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) and ITS System for the City of Tallahassee

In October 2011, The Genesis/World Fiber team was awarded the contract to design/build the new telecommunications infrastructure, freeway management system and RTMC. The design will consist of 20 miles of fiber optic cable from SR 259 in Gadsden County ending 1 mile east of the Mahan Drive/I-10 Interchange on I-10 to the RTMC off of Weems Rd. The Freeway Management System for FDOT and the City of Tallahassee will consist of; design and installation of 50 Microwave Video Detectors, 26 CCTV Cameras, 6 Dynamic Message Signs (on I-10), and a Remote Weather Station. The RTMC will consist of a two story video wall with views for all offices.

Project Kick-Off Meeting at Genesis' Tallahassee Office

The project goal is to prevent and mitigate emergency and weather congestion on I-10, and provide the City with a state of the art RTMC. The construction of the new building has begun and the fiber optic design work began in January 2012. The RTMC project is scheduled to be complete by March 2013, and an estimated cost of $7.4 million dollars.

For additional Information, please contact:

Tracy Forester
James Sullivan, PE
2507 Callaway Road, Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
850-224-4400 Ext. 102
850-681-3600 Fax