Genesis Giving Three Presentations for the 2010 Florida Green, Energy, & Climate Conference


Genesis Giving Three Presentations for the 2010 Florida Green, Energy, & Climate Conference

Posted on 2010-04-06 by Craig H. Anderson

Genesis Group will be well represented at this year's Florida Green, Energy, & Climate Conference, being held on May 25th & 26th at the Palm Beach Convention Center. Three of our staff, Bruce Kaschyk, G. Brian Wheeler, and Louise Ambrose will be making presentations at this event.

This conference provides four categories of CE presentations under the Natural Environment Tract including:

  1. Preservation
  2. Sustainable Water Resources
  3. Low Impact Development
  4. Energy

Target Groups include Landscape Architects, Architects, Planners, Lawyers, Engineers, and the Business Community.

Genesis Involvement:

Bruce T. Kaschyk, AICP

Presentation for Tract 4: Energy

Energy Park - Case Study:

Mr. Kaschyk will summarize alternative and renewable energy strategies for a new Energy Park master plan that is the first of its kind in Florida. Located on approx. 3,000 acres of an old phosphate mine in eastern Hillsborough County, this "Energy Park" will be using a blend of technologies including solar, wind, bio-mass, aqua-culture, algae and marsh lands - plus others. This case study will discuss new and innovative, energy strategies that are both resource efficient and cost effective.

G. Brian Wheeler, RLA, CNU

Presentation for Tract 1: Preservation

Lessons Learned, Florida's 1st DRI: Caballos del Mar

The environmental performance of Florida's first DRI, its original intent and the results. This presentation examines design planning and environmental implementation techniques when the best intentions can collide with property management over time. Discussion will include alternative BMPs to replace existing standards.

Louise B. Ambrose, Esq.

Presentation for Tract 3: Low Impact Development

Building Sustainable Communities

Innovative LID Practices & New Bio-technologies: Several critical statewide regulations/policies authorize and encourage LID practices in Florida. This presentation discusses such policies in addition to innovative LID techniques and bio-technologies that may be implemented on a single lot, community and/or regional scale to restore and protect our ecosystem; as well as redress harmful nutrient runoff. These new LID practices and bio-technologies offer practical, cost-effective approaches for both new and already existing communities.

This event offers a one-of-a-kind program with a focus on education and networking aimed to advance individual professionals and businesses on an environmental and energy efficiency track in today's new green economy. More information is available at