Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation New Website Launch


Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation New Website Launch

Posted on 2015-06-02 by Brice Pinson

An organization supported by Genesis, the Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation, has launched their new website. The new website is available at www.FGTF.org.

The Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to “advocate for and help create this statewide system of trails and greenways to advance health, recreation, transportation, and tourism.“

The new website provides Floridians with easier access to learn more about the foundation and information related to the foundation’s causes. Amongst many of the new features, the new website contains links to the following:

  • An overview of the foundation
  • Foundation board members
  • Featured projects
  • Recognized partnerships
  • Links & resources
  • Maps
  • Contact information
  • A contribution page
  • The foundation's blog
  • Integrated social media buttons for Facebook

Genesis provided web design, graphic design, and programming services for the foundation for this project which also features many of the maps Genesis’ GIS department has created for the foundation.

Genesis is honored to be a part of the foundation’s efforts and thanks the Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation for their continued support.