Capital Cascade Trail, Segment 2


Capital Cascade Trail, Segment 2

Posted on 2005-12-05 by Craig H. Anderson

Tallahassee, Florida

Genesis was selected to complete the design and permitting for Segment 2 of the Capital Cascade Trail project. Capital Cascade Trail Segment 2 has been envisioned as the "Central Park" for the City of Tallahassee. Genesis completed the Master Plan for the entire 4.5 mile length of the trail and will now proceed with the detailed design and permitting of the Segment 2 section of the project. This segment extends from Lafayette Street on the north to South Monroe Street on the south in downtown Tallahassee.

The final project will include a series of ponds and stream segments that will meander through the park along the St. Augustine Branch. The ponds will serve as stormwater treatment and attenuation facilities and will be the back drop for a lush greenway park. The backbone elements of the park will include a multi-use trail and loop walkways along with a restroom and other resting or picnic areas. In addition, open spaces will be included for special events or casual play.

The initial phase of this effort will be Park Programming which will result in an overall park theme and the establishment of the community needs well into the future. The second phase includes the detailed design and permitting of the projects "backbone" elements along with design development (30% plans) for the future park plazas.