Our Firm

Accountability and Trust Since 1987

Genesis is a team of professionals providing outstanding service in the disciplines of civil engineering, planning, landscape architecture, urban design, and construction engineering & inspection. Since 1987, Genesis has served public and private sector clients throughout Florida, the Southeastern U.S. and internationally. Our work spans every project type -- from planning, engineering and landscape design for urban parks and commercial centers to designing intelligent transportation systems (ITS), leading regional planning initiatives and delivering CEI services for interstate highways.

At Genesis, our goal is to consistently meet client objectives and produce high quality work that creatively balances function and aesthetics, meets schedule and budget requirements and respects the environment.

Genesis professionals have broad-based experience, deep knowledge of local regulatory environments and enthusiasm for their work. Our team members work collaboratively to resolve the most challenging of design issues whether a project is driven by private development needs, environmental issues, transportation requirements, or community concerns. Our aim is to deliver the finest service and work products possible and build professional relationships based upon accountability and trust.

As we continue to grow and serve new markets, Genesis remains committed to our corporate mission:

To strive for excellence in all areas of service, placing high value on the reputation and integrity of our work and our people in the eyes of our clients and the community. We are committed to being good stewards of the environment, taking responsible roles in society, and perpetuating a positive work ethic.